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Thursday, August 11, 2005

More things not even on the radar

There is too much noise and most us can't even hear or see what is going on. James Mannings wrote an excellent piece about things that are not even on the radar.


The following is a list of regulation changes made in the past two years that help the corporate bottom line but will adversely impact the environment or workers.

--- The administration, at the request of lumber and paper companies, gave federal Forest Service managers the right to approve logging in federal forests without the usual environmental reviews.

--- The Mine Safety and Health Administration published a proposed new regulation that would dilute the rules intended to protect coal miners from black-lung disease.

--- The Bush administration dropped a proposed rule that would have required hospitals to install facilities to protect workers against tuberculosis.

--- The Department of Labor, responding to complaints from industry, dropped a rule that required employers to keep a record of employees' ergonomic injuries.

--- The administration's 2004 budget proposed to cut 77 enforcement and related positions from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

--- Last August the administration relaxed its clean-air rules by allowing thousands of corporations to upgrade their plants without having to install expensive pollution-control equipment.

The changes made are not in the best interest of the public, but the public is distracted with other issues and will not notice the changes until they are implemented and enforced. The Bush administration is not the first to use Federal regulations as a means to bypass Congress. However, this administration uses its power to an extent not seen in the past.

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