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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oceans Alive Update - August 2005

From Environmental

Hot Water Ahead:Global Warming and Oceans Is global warming pushing our oceans to the tipping point?

The oceans are heating up, coral reefs are bleaching, and global warming is the main culprit. Manmade, heat-trapping gases are changing life on land and at sea.

Oceans play a huge role in our climate. In fact, global warming effects are clearer in the oceans than in the atmosphere, since water stores more heat than air. And new scientific studies are setting off alarm bells that our oceans could be reaching a tipping point.

Find out more in our special feature:
1. Why are scientists finding tropical fish in unexpected places?
2. What's the link between melting glaciers and the oceans' food chain?
3. Is the oceans' ability to absorb heat reaching the tipping point?
4. What does global warming have to do with coral reefs bleaching?

What can you do to help?

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