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Monday, August 15, 2005

March Of The Penguins

I saw the documentary March Of The Penguins this past weekend and it is a beautiful story of love, family, and survival during the harshest of conditions. These animals take turn in assuring the survival of their offspring. I'm curious to know why or how these Penguins know how to survive in weather that the average animal can't survive in and yet they survive whether it's instinctively or by some type of higher order thinking and people who are suppose to have this higher order thinking appear to have lost these basic of instincts and now relies solely on some type of holy book that for all intent and purpose is outdated and simplistically childish. More shocking, many people believe they need an interpreter to guide them on the path of righteousness using this outdated material.

Have we lost our basic instincts because of our belief system? You have primitive tribes who instinctively knew that the tsunami was coming and escaped danger along with other animals, and they don't follow a so-called holy book that was mandated from God. On the other hand, those who followed some type of organized religion perished in the wake of the tsunami, in spite of their religious beliefs. Can we conclude that these people were simply not in tune with nature or their God and that when faced in similar conditions most of us will be unprepared because we have lost the ability to understand God and Nature? Have we de-evolved as a race because of our beliefs in these organized religions?

I asked these questions because Beloved had two posts, the first was dealing with the Proverbs' 31 woman (what constitute a godly woman) and the second was dealing with the Proverbs' 1-30 man (what constitute a godly man). I found her views very disturbing and depressing to say the least and all weekend, I found myself wondering about the spiritual state of Black people. Why don't we instinctively know how to be a woman or a man? Shouldn't this be a part of everybody’s psyche? The concept is so elementary, and yet it appears we don't know. How very sad for us as black people if this is the level of our consciousness and spirituality. Even the penguins know...

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