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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grasping the Depth of Time as a First Step in Understanding Evolution

Although this article is talking about humans grasping the concept of time, I like this article because of the last paragraph reproduced below. This man is echoing my thoughts...

I was raised as a Christian, I no longer feel comfortable accepting this belief system as the absolute truth on any scale. I do realize that as long as you have faith in something, your mind doesn’t care what that ism is – it is powerful enough to make your beliefs into a reality. My only problem with religion is that whatever you believe in dictates the limits of your thoughts. If you know the person’s belief system, they can be easily manipulated because their religion will not allow them to think outside of the parameters of that said religion. Who ever grasp this simple concept will be able to manipulate the intimate details of anybody's mind. This is what George Bush did and this is his claim to fame. He understands the connections between belief systems and the limitation those beliefs place on the ability of the mind to respond to external stimuli thus allowing him to control the minds of others.


The essential, but often well-disguised, purpose of intelligent design, is to preserve the myth of a separate, divine creation for humans in the belief that only that can explain who we are. But there is a destructive hubris, a fearful arrogance, in that myth. It sets us apart from nature, except to dominate it. It misses both the grace and the moral depth of knowing that humans have only the same stake, the same right, in the Earth as every other creature that has ever lived here. There is a righteousness - a responsibility - in the deep, ancestral origins we share with all of life.

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