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Monday, August 22, 2005

Being Liberal Now Means Being African American

New research done by the Bay Area Center for Voting Research (BACVR) reveals who the real liberals in American are and the answer is not the tree-hugging, ponytail wearing ex-hippies you might expect. Instead, the new face of American liberalism is of a decidedly different hue. The nation’s remaining liberals are overwhelming African Americans.

The BACVR study that ranks the political ideology of every major city in the country shows that cities with large black populations dominate the list of liberal communities. The research finds that Detroit is the most liberal city in the United States and has one of the highest concentrations of African American residents of any major city. Over 81 percent of the population in Detroit is African American, compared to the national average of 12.3 percent. In fact, the average percentage of African American residents in the 25 most liberal cities in the country is 40.3 percent, more than three times the national rate.

The great political divide in America today is not red vs. blue, north vs. south, coastal vs. interior, or even rich vs. poor—it is now clearly black vs. white.
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It is a given that there is a racial divide in America (black vs. white) and this racial divide is fueling American politics. African Americans are caught in the middle of a little cat and mouse game with the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democrats give a little in the form of social programs, the Republicans abolish those programs, and most of white Americans agree with this position. The bottom line is that we never get ahead playing a game by somebody else’s rules. It’s crystal clear for the most part; this government and its majority population have no intention on making us whole. The questions then become; 1) why do we allow ourselves to be used by either party in this fashion and 2) why should we allow someone else to define who and what we are? A new strategy is needed.

This study is useless, an utter waste of time and money and hasn't shed any new light on the state of affairs in America. Can someone tell me when have American politics been any other thing, except black and white? The way things play out, does anyone else matters?

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