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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Evil-Doers - How Far Will They Go?

The topic for discussion today for members of the Progressive Blogger Union was taken from "The Cassandra Complex – Part 2".


1. It would almost appear that the Bush administration is either inviting attack – or controlling it – to make it meet their own needs.

2. While it appears that this administration is politically ill, we must all force ourselves to consider the possibility that another “catalyzing event” might be just the medicine that the neo-conservative doctors are ordering up.

To make this simple, who am I kidding nothing I believe or do is simple. It seems like there is enough evidence from the first attack (9/11) to say that the Bush administration may either be inviting another attack or they may try and control another attack to meet their own needs.

Even when I saw the world trade center collapse, I had a hard time believing Osama Bin Laden can circumvent the security in the U.S. with all the technology at America’s disposal. Because of this, it never made sense that a desert dweller would be able to coordinate a strike such as this so then the question becomes - who coordinated this event?

Upon further investigation, I immediately discovered that it is theoretically impossible that jet fuel, by itself, could raise the temperature of the floor of the world trade center more than 257° C (495° F). This temperature is nowhere near high enough to even begin to explain how the Twin Towers could have collapsed. The first critical temperature where steel loses about half its integrity is 600° C (1,100° F). So where did the media get the quotes that the jet fuel burned at 1500° C? This was a red flag and it warrants further investigation. There are other inconsistencies and this is why Cynthia McKinney reopened the 9/11 hearings (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) to get answers to some of these questions or inconsistencies that were spread by the media.

So, how far do I think the "Evil Doers" will go? They can go only as far as America let them. I believe any attack that will occur on American soil will be carried out and/or orchestrated by Americans to fit the needs of whomever is orchestrating those attacks for reasons best known to them.

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