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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Crack-Cocaine Traffic Is On The Rise

July of this year, I attended the African Caribbean Festival of Life and one of the entertainers, Mutabaruka, who incidentally is one of my all time favorite entertainers ever since I saw him in Sankofa, said that the U.S. government came and sprayed the Ganga plants. Not only did the U.S. spray the Ganga, they also sprayed the mangoes, coconuts, and the bananas, which are all part of Jamaica's main food and cash crops. Now we all know how Jamaicans feel about their Ganga and how annoying they can be smoking this stuff in the open when you go to see Caribbean groups at the festivals, but this is no reason to kill the crops that they use for trade and for food. Something is just inherently wrong with this. It is just outright evil.

Anyway, according to Mutabaruka, the power that be saw fit to replace the marijuana smoking with crack cocaine and guns. So now you have many people who have gone from being peaceful and lackadaisical to gun toting junkies killing anything in site. And now the threat of crack cocaine is turning up in West Africa as drug cartels from South America set up new shipping bases in the region.

The United Nations experts said the dealers are lured by lax policing in an otherwise unstable region and the presence of small, underground criminal groups. I just wonder if this is the truth because I have a feeling there is more to this story than what is being told. It's so sad to see more instability in this region. Something has to give.

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