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Friday, August 26, 2005

Advertising trains people to behave like lab rats

This is how the rich is driving morality around the world. Many people in this society are blaming certain groups for behaving in what they term immoral ways. Instead of focusing their attention on the culprits, the rich with their liberal economic policies (Republicans and Democrats) dictating the morality of this society, they are blaming the victims for everything. The only way the morality in America or anywhere else will improve, we must address the root of the problem (the effects that marketing and advertising have on the psyche of its intended victims). The blaming of the victims must stop.


You train them by flashing positive imagery, usually involving sex, and then quickly interweaving images about your own products. If this is done back and forth quickly enough, it creates an almost subliminal effect. It's sex -- and then, soda. Sex, soda, sex, soda. Soon afterwards, when people think about soda, they get the same feeling as if they were thinking about sex. When they're standing in front of that vending machine, they're not consciously thinking sex, but they're feeling sex and they're pressing the button to get the same brain chemistry effect they were taught to experience by the advertising.

That's how advertising really works, and that's what will almost never admit to you. Why do you think there's so much sex in advertising? Sex sells. Everybody knows that, but few people are willing to admit the process by which sex sells. It's a process of association. It's pure Pavlovian psychology -- the same thing as teaching a dog to drool when he hears a bell or teaching a lab rat to press a lever in exchange for food. You can teach to press buttons, spend money, buy a certain clothing label or wear a certain brand of cosmetics. All you have to do is make sure that it is associated with sex. Link

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