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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coingate - The Republican Party never ceases to amaze me..

If it was left up to me, Conyers would be the next President of the U.S. This man has been working relentlessly to uncover the truth about many issues. He has dedicated his life to righteousness. By now, we all should know about the fiasco with the Ohio election. But, the newest scandal in Ohio is called Coingate. I have to agree with Conyers if this scandal had been disclosed and/or investigated prior to the election, even with all the irregularities in this past election, Bush & Cheney probably would have had a very difficult time stealing votes (although Conyers didn't use the words steal). Something is seriously wrong with this Republican Party & Ohio.


Every single statewide office in Ohio is held by the Repubicans, along with the State Senate, State House, and the Supreme Court (sort of scary, but not too dissimilar from DC). Anyway, a big time GOP fundraiser, Tom Noe, from Toledo, somehow convinced these Republicans that it would be good idea to invest state workers' compensation funds in his rare coins. Not surprisingly, this has proven to be a bad investment for everyone but Noe, and many of the coins are now missing. Noe is under investigation for illegal campaign donations as well. Nearly every Republican in the state is involved in some way or another, and state and federal investigations are pending.


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