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Friday, July 08, 2005

A Timeline of Events Surrounding the Neoconservative Takeover of the United States (1897-2004)

Written and Compiled by Black Max (

Spanish-American War; US occupies Philippines and much of the Caribbean. The oil companies exert their control over the Middle East. Woodrow Wilson uses falsities and exaggerated claims to bring the US into World War I.

Balfour Declaration establishes Britain's intent to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Treaty of Versailles. Sykes-Picot agreement divvies up the Middle East by British and French dictates. Iraq formed. Palmer purge of US Communists. The Bush and Walker families help subsidize the Nazis.

Teapot Dome scandal. Great Depression. World War I vets, known as the "Bonus March" protesters, attacked by US troops. Hitler's rise to power, subsidized by US corporate interests. Roosevelt presidency. Hitler's "Final Solution." Batista takes control of Cuba. House UnAmerican Activities Committee formed. World War II; many American conservatives, including Bush and Walker family members, continue their support of Nazi Germany.

Historical (1897) to present (2004) Iraq time line continued

The 2002-2003 Military timeline for Iraq invasion

Path of war time line (1998-2001)

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