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Friday, July 08, 2005

Forty Events on July 23rd - Mourn the Losses, Learn the Truth, and Investigate the Lies

There are currently 40 events planned around the country for Saturday, July 23, the three-year anniversary of the famous meeting on Downing Street. It's definitely not too late to make it 41. Early next week we'll announce these events to the media.
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Dramatic Readings of the Downing Street Minutes

These minutes make a nice one-act play, and performing it helps people understand what went on at the meeting.
Here's a straight version.
Here it is with humor added.

News from Downing Street

Cindy Sheehan, on the Mike Malloy Show, talks about her meeting with Bush

Expose a Dishonest War: Prevent the Next One

London Bombings and the Downing Street Minutes

Talking Points on Downing Street Minutes

Joseph Wilson on Bush Crowd: "A Real Threat to Our Republic"

Something Rotten in Denmark

It's imperialism, stupid

Bush’s Uranium Lies

They have no idea how to win their war

Hinchey presses for Iraq probe

Rove must explain role in CIA outing or resign

Novak Squealed

Michael Smith discusses Downing Street Memo

The Impeachment Question

Speakers Available for Events

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