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Thursday, June 30, 2005


I was on an African Website a while back and GM foods came up many times. There was this big push by U.S. corporations to send GM foods to Africa to help alleviate hunger. If the West really cared about hunger in Africa, I thought they would send non-GM foods. After all, if you look at the root causes of hunger, you will discover that people are hungry not because there isn't enough food, they are hungry because they don't have enough money to buy food. The big question I had then was are these corporations trying to use Africans as guinea pigs to test their products? Now the question is - are we (the American public) being used as guinea pigs since 60 - 70% of all food products on the supermarket shelves contain genetically modified ingredients? Are these products safe for human consumption because it appears a different picture is emerging?

Looks like Monsanto's finally been shamed into publishing its Mon863 90-day rat study, after being ordered to release it by a German court.

For the review comments commissioned by the German authorities from Dr Arpad Pusztai on both the full 90-day study and a Monsanto summary look here:

MON 863 90 day rat studyMonsanto, June 28, 2005

Monsanto published on Friday the full MON 863 90 day rat study, prior to its publication as a peer-reviewed paper in the journal "Food and ChemicalToxicology".

Click here to read all 1139 pages.

Click here for [Monsanto's!] 11 page summary of all the relevant safety information.

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