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Friday, May 20, 2005

Now Hiring: The Hot Jobs of the Moment (Petroleum Engineering is among the Hot Jobs)

New York - This year, Ernst & Young hopes to hire 9,000 new accountants in the United States.

EnerDel, which makes lithium batteries, no longer hires people when it needs them. Rather, it hires them when it finds them.

And Marietta College in Ohio is proud that every one of its 14 petroleum engineers who graduated this spring has a job offer.

Accounting, electrical engineering, oil and gas specialists: These are just some of this year's hot jobs.

Although experts are quick to agree that the job market is not quite up to the late 1990s, when the economy was creating about 300,000 jobs per month, there are nevertheless numerous professions that are hiring as fast as the résumés come in. Many positions require math or science skills, such as the 158 job openings in the state of Pennsylvania for those who can apply technology to manufacturing and production. In Phoenix, meanwhile, plumbers are in such demand that one company calls them an endangered species. And in Dallas, a job fair at Richland College attracted 75 employers - in healthcare, accounting, and customer service - which is up from 45 companies in the fall.

The hot jobs are in the forefront of technology and medicine, or they are in the sweet spot of where the economy is growing like energy, healthcare services, financial controls, and international," says John Challenger of the Chicago outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "Of the hot jobs, the most sustainable will be those where you can't be outsourced."

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