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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mexican President's Comment Angers African-Americans

Excerpt from the article:

The Mexican President - Vicente Fox has issued a written statement expressing his respect for minorities, a day after he made a controversial remark about African-Americans.

In a public appearance Friday, Mr. Fox said Mexicans are willing to do jobs in the United States "that not even blacks want to do." The Mexican president made the remark a day after Mexico announced it will formally protest recent U.S. immigration reforms. The comments drew cries of racism from some Mexican newspapers. U.S. civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson condemned the comparison with African-American workers and called on Mr. Fox to leave race out of the ongoing debate over U.S. immigration policy.

A statement released Saturday from the president's office said Mr. Fox was only trying to highlight the important contribution of Mexican workers in the United States. Some of this information provided by AP.

Many people are talking about this story. You have these notable right slanted Blogs such as Rambling's Journal, LaShawn Barber's Corner, The Immigration Blog, and a few others who agree that President Fox's comments were racist. In addition, Professor Kim - who hosts a notable moderate blog, posted the story without any comments to sway the reader's thought. Even while I was listening to the Cliff Kelly show, every caller thought that Fox’s remarks were racist.

I think I must be the only person that will openly admit that the President of Mexico made those remarks innocently enough to make a point about the jobs that Mexicans actually perform in this country and he made those comments only in defense of the new immigration laws that are being passed. So what's the harm in letting illegal Mexicans come into this country to work in jobs that not even Blacks want to do? Now, I thought this was clear to many people - that Mexicans are indeed doing jobs that Americans don't want to do period (black or white). But, I guess since he only singled out African Americans, then many people including Black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharton feel compelled to condemn him for uttering those words with all of its racist connotations. I bet he will be more careful the next time he decides to utter the words African Americans and anything in one complete sentence.

This is one of those topics that everybody knows is true, but it is taboo to say in public (outside your respective groups). What hypocrites on all sides. I can't count the number of times I've heard this in the African American (community) and this very thought is pervasive throughout the white American culture too. Many ethnic groups have come into this country and this very theory applies, each group moving out of the way for those who are considered the new lowest class people in the society, in this case Mexicans. This is the American way. But, I guess since we are not saying this in the privacy of our respective cliques, then it is a racist statement to openly admit this insidious little truth about the American society. I wonder how many other people were thinking the same thing, but knew there would be repercussions if they uttered those words in public so we better condemn it, like the good little hypocrites we are.

It is interesting to note, no one ever denied his words, they only said they were racist since those words implied that Blacks are the lowest group in this society. Isn’t this the way we are treated in this society? A baby can see that, otherwise how did this President come to this conclusion if there isn’t some truth in his statement. I don’t know if I think it is right to make this man apologize for the way America is treating African Americans in this country. This is what I hate about America the most, the hypocrisy. I only wish that instead of condemning the Mexican President for uttering words from how he perceived the conditions in America, a true dialogue would had come out of this, forcing Americans to address their dirty little secret.

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