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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Coward's Response to the Tribute to Emitt Till

Some people don't want to be reminded of the ugliness of the past of America and they insist on blaming the victims to cover up their own evil deeds. They also don't want the world to see them for who they really are because their behavior of the past is still being practiced in the present. Who ever this anonymous person is - is a reflection of the evil of the past that still exists today. In some peoples mind, African Americans don't have the right to scream about any injustice that has been unleashed upon them. What child, especially a Black child in the 1950s would be stupid enough to go down in the deep south where it is commonly known that Black people are killed for sport routinely by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and commit an act that everyone knows would lead to his death. This is something that every child was taught to stay live in the south. A 14-year-old child in the 1950s knew better than to behave like this. The KKK is an icon of a certain kind of acceptable behavior in America. In the past, they wore sheets and white hoods, now they wear a badge and a gun. I'm annoyed at this stupid comment!!!

Anonymous said

I find the Till case intriguing, not only because of its significance to the civil rights movement, but also because of the inconsistencies in the story. If his mother was so worried about him getting into trouble in the south, why was that? Was she having problems with him, and like many mothers even today, sending him to stay with relatives to help straighten him out? His father was a serial rapist and murderer, convicted and sentenced to die by Army courtmarshall in Europe during WWII - was she afraid he was turning out like his father? She said she was worried about him going south, afraid something would happen to him - so if she was so worried and loved him so much, why did she send him down there if that was so? The story goes that he went into a store, bought some candy and then went between the counters and grabbed a grown woman, saying "I've been with white girls before" and his friends went in and dragged him out. When they were leaving, he said Bye baby and whistled at the woman. Now, what innocent 14 year old boy acts like that? In my little town, a person who did something like that, regardless of their age, would most likely be charged with assault, a crime. 14 year old boys don't act that way. The woman was probably scared half to death, wondering if he'd come back and rape her or something. Those men that went to question him in the middle of the night probably wanted an apology to her for his behavior, because what he did was very wrong, and dishonorable towards a lady, and an assurance that he was not going to try anything else. He was not sorry, and acted all big and bad - they got mad. I'm not saying they had a right to kill him, they didn't, but he was not just a "po black chile" that was murdered for no reason. The NAACP saw a chance to use a family and a tragedy, and has never even suggested that there was anything wrong with the way this boy acted, who by accounts was very tall and big and looked like a grown man. I just hate that people act like the rest of us are fools who will believe any spin they choose to put on something.

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