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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Busy & Productive Week (Kwanzaa)

So far, this has been a great Kwanzaa.

I play African drums in an African American dance and drum group and we were asked to perform during a Kwanzaa segment on Channel 7 (ABC) to jump start the first day of Kwanzaa (Umoja), which means unity. There are three female drummers including me, three male drummers, three female dancers, and two male dancers in our group. We were all ecstatic about the free publicity on a national TV station.

Today is the third day of Kwanzaa (Ujima), which means collective work and responsibility. This morning, me and another person were interviewed for an entire hour on the Cliff Kelly Show about the science of HIV/AIDS. We tried to warn them that this is not the regular message that is being peddled in the black community about HIV/AIDS. I gave them some information on our position and they went forward with the interview. We were very excited to be interviewed by Cliff since he is a staunch supporter of the current HIV/AIDS hypothesis. It was a nice plug for our event tonight. We will be showing a video and talking about the science behind HIV and this phenomenon they call AIDS.

Friday is the fifth day of Kwanzaa (Nia), which means purpose. Our dance and drum troop will be performing at the Austin Town Hall for the Austin Black Business Association.

Sunday is the last day of Kwanzaa (Imani), which means faith. Three members (including me)from our dance and drum group will be performing at a private Kwanzaa celebration.

All in all, this Kwanzaa season has been great!

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