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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Culture of Coruption...

If you want to know the truth about American politics, this is a good article. I find comfort in the fact that not only is the politics of America affecting mainly black people, the way things are going, things will eventually affect all Americans irrespective of their party affiliation. Black people have a tendency to vote strictly for the Democrats, at least 90% of us anyway. As a result, the Democrats have consistently marginalized us. There have been more jailed built mainly to house black people, particularly black men under the Democratic rule than under the Republican rule. I don't think this has escaped black people. However, if you talk to many of us, we feel that both parties are two heads of the same dragon. What happens is that black people have historically voted on what they think is the lesser of the two evils. In order for us to gain any type of political clout, we must re-evaluate this strategy. It is not working for us as a group. Individually, there are many success stories.

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