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Monday, November 21, 2005

Believers Concept of God Should Change

Although I'm not a believer in any established religion, I totally agree with the statements below (with two minor changes).

  1. The masculine pronoun must go... God is not a He. This is a construct that was invented.
  2. An encouraging parent means believers will remain children - when will they become adults? We can't function in a society efficiently if we have infant minds and adult bodies, so it stands to reason that our spiritual development should mirror our physical development and when this doesn’t occur, we will be deficient physically, mentally, spiritually, and the effects will be manifested socially.

    If they respect the results of modern science, and indeed the best of modern biblical research, "Religious Believers" must move away from the notion of a dictator God or a designer God, a Newtonian God who made the universe as a watch that ticks along regularly.

    God should be seen more as an encouraging parent. God in his infinite freedom continuously creates a world that reflects that freedom at all levels of the evolutionary process to greater and greater complexity. He is not continually intervening, but rather allows, participates, loves.

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