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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Update from the devastation by Katrina...

Some of the people left in New Orleans have broken into gun shops and are shooting people. Today I heard that these people are shooting at the rescue helicopters and this is one of the reasons why rescue efforts have been suspended. I don't want to advocate violence, but in this case, should these people be shot to death for the sake of saving others who deserve to be saved? Someone just called into WVON and said that there are 500 people still held up in buildings. I still wonder why don't the officials in New Orleans evacuate all these people at once. That would certainly solve the New Orleans crisis.

This morning I received an email from Val in Baton Rouge, and thing are terrible there from the refugees from New Orleans. They are creating quite a disturbance in the city. Val took in one of her friends and her family into her house. This act reflects the general generosity of many people in Louisiana. This is what I grew up around. But the rest of this turmoil may be a result of the trauma experienced because of the hurricane.

Val just posted on her blog the following...
Just a couple hours ago I posted that entry. I work in the downtown area of Baton Rouge. And we were just told that our building is on lock down. Refugees are rioting in the streets outside. The first thing I thought of was OMG please let me leave to be with my son. I cannot leave. My car is on the street and I am wondering if I'll even have a car once this is over. I've called my sister and told her where to find my son if anything were to happen b/c I can't leave. I have so many things going through my mind right now and I just can't even think straight. Please pray for us

In other parts of Louisiana things are not so bleak. Can you believe that Larose/Cut Off (these cities are approximately 30 miles from Grand Isle) are untouched. My family is back at home. The only thing they saw was some debris on the streets. They made their way from Texas through back roads. They don't have electricity, but they do have telephone service. We are sending them some money today. I'm so happy right now for my family but my heart goes out to the people in New Orleans and in other places affected by Katrina. Things are only going to get worst.

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