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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The truth is slowing emerging..

This morning on the Matt & Perry show a guest (Dr. Rashawn?) that left New Orleans talked about the conditions of blacks that were left behind to fend for themselves in the storm. Her story corroborated the one that I wrote here.

The media is being insensitive with the coverage of looting from those who were left. For one thing, once the floodwater hit the food, it will be destroyed. Another thing, it is 90+ degrees Fahrenheit in New Orleans and they are without power. Most of the food will spoil. Why shouldn't these poor people eat if they are hungry instead of letting the food go to waste? Are people that callous about black life that they would rather see them die than eat food that would otherwise spoil anyway? Is this a healthy attitude for people who profess to be religious? In addition, everything is insured, the owners will be compensated for their losses. But once these people are dead, how will they be compensated?

What the media is not focusing on is that these people are only trying to survive a bad situation. The truth about New Orleans and black people is unfolding...

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