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Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans police kill looters in shoot-out

New Orleans police killed four looters who had opened fire on them on Sunday as rescue teams scoured homes and toxic waters flooding streets to find survivors and recover thousands of bloated corpses.

Looters, who are they kidding. The majority of the people were only trying to survive. Calling these people looters the media is trying to desensitize us to the pain and suffering these people are experiencing. They want us to accept that these people deserve to die. Well, I’m not buying this crap. I know the governmental officials and the news media knew this would be one of the outcomes after leaving people in a flooded city that is built upon a swamp for 7 days without food and water. Any reasonable person knows that peoples' survival instincts will kick in and the result will be anarchy.

Isn’t America supposed to be this great bastion of Democracy, and the epitome of everything that is good and right? If Castro and Chavez are so evil, why don’t you see them treating their citizens the same way America treated the victims of Katrina (mostly black) in New Orleans. Does anyone really believe America possess the moral authority to call anyone evil after all the blood that is on her hands?

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