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Friday, September 02, 2005

Personal knowledge of an openly hostile environment to blacks

I've been telling people about the living condition of black people in New Orleans for years and everyone have a very difficult time believing how the average black person is living in Louisiana. Can you believe you can distinguish where blacks and whites live by the condition of their homes? One woman came to Chicago for the African Festival before Katrina hit, she went on the radio saying I’m surprise that you can’t tell the difference in the houses that white people live in compared to black people. They look the same. In New Orleans, the houses look different. I’ve been telling people this for years.

Most people remember how bad black people used to live in Mississippi, but none of my friends realized that blacks in Louisiana are living like they are in a third world country. The hostility towards dark skinned people is systemic. It’s so bad that many light skinned black people display the same open hostility to their darker skinned brothers and sisters. The contempt for blacks by the City's affluent has always disturbed me. I suspect this is what we are observing. The white people evacuated before Katrina, the officials (state or federal) just don’t care enough about the people that couldn't evacuate before Katrina to remove them now in a timely fashion, if they are planning on evacuating the rest of them at all.

America should be ashamed of itself. The people who were trying to come to its rescue the Bush administration refused help. They refused help from Russia, China, Japan, Iran, and Venezuela saying we have everything under control - this is an internal matter. In other words, mind your own Damn business - we have our own plan. I guess that plan includes killing desperate people (the so-called looters) while leaving helpless survivors to die in despair.

What we are witnessing in New Orleans is the effects of racism in America in 2005...

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