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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Black victims in New Orleans

I followed the hurricane closely and I know the devastation is worst than what they are saying on the news. I just received an email from a friend and it is quite disturbing. I called Jada and confirmed that the email is legitimate. I sent a copy of the email to Roland Martin. I also called and was told he just heard about the situation in New Orleans and he is on the story. Tonight I will call John Dey from WVON to let him know what is happening in New Orleans. In the meantime, I will post this email and a follow up post will come after I do more research on some things to get my head around the situation.

The email:

I just heard from a friend who was able to get out of New Orleans. She wanted me to contact anyone in the Black media to let them know that there are folks dying and trapped in the 9th ward, and other Black areas. She says that the press has presented the news as if folks would not leave. She says that they did not get the news to leave, and most people did not have the transportaion to leave. She found out about the evacuation when she saw a long line at the gas stationa and thought there might be a gas giveaway. That's when she heard that she had very little time to move quickly. The damn is breaking in more places, 80% of the city is under water. People are looting for basic needs, and they have no place to go, and no way to get anywhere.

You can contact her directly for more info on her cell. Her name is Jada Renee, she can be reached at: 404 932 5760.

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