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Monday, August 08, 2005

Intelligent Design

Recently, I joined the Progressive Blogger Union and every Monday the members are encouraged to blog about a single topic. This week the topic is Intelligent Design. Regular readers of this blog by now know my position on this subject because I have talked about this a total of seven times. Listed below for anyone who cares to know my opinion again and again and again and then some...

1. May 9th, The Pseudoscience of Intelligent Design
2. May 10th, Intelligent Design or Evolution???
3. June 3rd, Pennsylvania School Board Approves Intelligent Design Curriculum
4. June 5th, Evolution & Creationism
5. June 17th, The Attack on Evolution
6. August 2nd, Bush endorses 'intelligent design'
7. August 6th, From Ape to Man - The Evolution of Evolution

The only thing I would like to add to this subject is this - two years ago a study demonstrated that Chimps share ~ 99.4 per cent of the key DNA sites that code for proteins with humans. Based on those similarities, the researchers say both species belong in the same genus (Homo). This data in my opinion confims that the two species evolved from a common and recent ancestor. In fact, all mammals are closely related. I just read an article that says even mice share at least 60% of their DNA with humans.

Since I have extensively talked about this topic, I would like to present two other fellow bloggers opinions on this topic to spice things up a bit, Ous Cessay and The Church Secretary, who is also a member of PBU. Ous Cessay asked the question - is intelligent design really science? The Church Secretary has a more colorful position about intelligent design even his title is a bit more provocative "OF GOD, APES, AND SLIPPERY SLOPES". Although both believe in a God who created everything, they both question the authority of the government to sanction the teaching in schools.

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