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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Intelligent Design or Evolution???

Quote from Scud: It is as if we have scaled the mountains of ignorance, and we are about to conquer the highest peak, and as we pull ourselves up over the final rock we are met by a band of theologians who have sitting there for centuries.”Specifically, if you look into the alleged proof for evolution, you’ll find that in the fossil record, there are no transitional creatures. There are explosions of life, but no half and half creatures. If evolution happened, there should be just as many transitions as all the other creatures. There are none. Ultimately, a person has to have a lot more faith to believe in evolution than someone who believes in a theistic view of creation.

My response modified: I think you really need to open your eyes and stop letting religion cloud your judgment. Please, read other things instead of that bible, it has too many inconsistencies. It's funny that all these explosions of life are closely related at the genetic level and this Intelligent Design theory is trying to peddle that the various species are an independent explosion of life. In fact, all mammals are closely related and scientists have constructed a phylogenetic tree that may have some gaps in it, but it also shows the interconnectedness of life, which shows some transitional species. Humans are not unique at all. All of this is just man's arrogance and conceit to think that they are so much more important than anything else. This is a nasty little by-product of religious dogma.

On Creation Science and "Transitional Fossils"

This article addresses one of the unfortunate failings of "creation science" that has turned into an eternally repeated mantra by creationists, despite being quite directly wrong. That is the mantra that "there are no transitional fossils"; it simply is not true. This oft-repeated fallacy does not agree with what paleontologists actually know. What follows is a full citation of the section entitled "Effect of Transitional Fossils on Taxonomic Practises", from the article "Paleontologic Evidence and Organic Evolution", by Roger J. Cuffey, published in the book " Science and Creationism", edited by Ashley Montagu; Oxford University Press, 1984. The article originally appeared in the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, 24(4), December, 1972.

Transitional Fossil Species And Modes of Speciation
According to Duane Gish, Henry Morris, Dr. Dino, Carl Baugh and to a lesser extent, Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis. Fundamentalist creationists have their own way of seeing, and of denying the physical evidence open to anyone who wishes to examine it. They like to say that dogs always come from dogs, or they claim that evolution says that man came from monkeys. For some reason they cannot understand what a family tree represents, the branching of lineages. Given sufficient time, the change in lineages can be immense. There was a time when, in some respects, the fossil evidence was scant. Today we have marvelous series of transitional or intermediate forms in many diverse lineages.

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