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Monday, May 23, 2005

An Ally From Hell - CIA's close relationship with Sudan's government enables genocide there to continue

I know many people are squeamish when it comes to religious people doing evil things to others. In defense, they always say that this is un-this or un-that, even when the reality of the situation is different. At some point, these people will have to atone for their evil deeds.

In Um Seifa, a dusty village in Sudan's western region of Darfur, a crowd of white-robed children stood outside their newly reopened school. . . . 'The government never gave us education, development, health [services or] equality,' said the headmaster. . . . So the people of Um Seifa built their own school. A week after your correspondent visited it, it was burned to the ground, and eight children murdered [by Sudanese army forces and the Arab Janjaweed] —The Economist, April 2, 2005 ...

During George W. Bush's campaign to spread the spirit—and eventually the letter—of freedom and democracy to other lands, he has made some nightmarish allies. Torture of prisoners, homegrown or supplied by the CIA, has been endemic in Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Uzbekistan. In the latter's prisons, the specialty of the house is boiling prisoners, including political prisoners, to death. Can you believe in this day and age, people are doing this to others? Where is their God!!!!!

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