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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Interesting comments taken from the Truthout Blog about America's dismal human rights record...

US and human rights

Let's face it, this report from Amnesty Intl. should come as no surprise. Over the past half-century, the crimes of the United States around the world have dwarved every other state-horror anywhere.

The US has also added to this shameful record a hefty dose of hypocrisy, what with all the crapola about "bringing democracy", "advancing freedom", and assorted self-serving nonsense!Americans, like all other major cultures, have a great internalized talent at refusing to face facts, and being unable to view themselves as criminals: "Surely, my great and wondrous country, the shining beacon of good in these dark times, cannot possibly be that evil and fiendish!".

Let's look at the SHORT list of Amerikan crimes around the world over the past two generations:



-Mossadegh/Iran/The Shah/Savak

-The endless row of charnel houses in Latin America, complete with "friendly" military dictatorships and US-trained and inspired death-squads, first in Brazil, then Stroessner in Paraguay. Duvalier in Haiti. Somoza in Nicaragua. Pinochet in Chile. Viola/Videla et. al. in Argentina....... On and on ad nauseam...

-Marcos in the Philippines

-Park Chung Hee in South Korea

-Suharto and the massacres in Indonesia in 1965, upward of 500,000 dead

-The Southeast Asian holocaust: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. 3 to 5 million dead, who can count that many corpses or what's left of them after napalm and phosphorus and Speedy Express.....!!!???

-Indonesia's invasion of East Timor, blessed by Kissinger and Jerry Ford to Adam Malik the day before the invasion started, resulting in a greater percentage of deaths relative to population than in Pol Pot's Kamputchea at the exact same time

-Support for 50 years of Israeli ethnic cleansing-a decade of sanctions of mass-destruction against Iraq, half a million dead most of them children-upward of a hundred thousand dead Iraqis since bringing them Demokracy!!

Please add those I forgot in this ONGOING list? Let's trust Amerika with the talent and ability to add to this anywhere at anytime!! by Michepol ( on Wed May 25th, 2005 at 01:27:40 PM EST

And - this Keith over at Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn had the nerves to say that and I quote "you have demonstrated in full that you are nearly 100% ignorant of the world in which you live". This man got to be kidding. Keith, can you tell me what you have been smoking that damaged your brain that you are willingly ready to live and believe in lies?

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