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Monday, May 09, 2005

Local Corruption - Mayor Daley reacts to investigation into City Hall corruption

May 4, 2005
Andy Shaw

I live in a very corrupt city and now the FBI is investigating City Hall. If you ask anyone about this case, they will tell you that they think Mayor Daley is part of this corruption. I guess we will see if he is indicted or not as times goes on. Some people want Jesse Jr. to run for mayor of Chicago. However, the last I heard from Jesse Jr. he said he was not interested in running for mayor of Chicago. Many people are hoping he will change his mind.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley promises to weed out alleged corruption in the city. His comments come after another raid of City Hall for documents in the city's scandal-ridden Hired Truck Program. The mayor says he is hurt and embarrassed by the scandal and promises to seek tougher penalties for corrupt Chicago officials.

The scandal is getting perilously close to the mayor as the feds raid multiple City Hall offices. A corrupt ex-city official says in court he shook down trucking companies for campaign contributions to Daley.

After saying for the umpteenth time he is hurt, embarrassed and determined to root out corruption, Daley couldn't answer most of the tough questions. Link

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