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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A good way to lose weight (personal accomplishment)

This will be one of the few posts about personal accomplishments. But, I’m a little excited about this news. For the past month, I’ve changed my diet. During the week, I only consume raw foods (organic fruits and vegetables). I eat cooked meals on the weekend and even then, I limit my intake of cooked foods to one cooked meal each day on both Saturday and Sunday. Although, I wasn’t overweight for my height (5’8”), I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds (I started out at 146, now I’m clocking in at 134). So, if anyone is interested in losing some extra winter fat, this is a healthy alternative. Since I feel better on this diet, it appears I won’t be going off this diet any time soon, if at all. Even if I incorporate more cooked meals in my diet on a daily basis or a weekly basis, the raw diet will remain my main source of nourishment. My philosophy is this – always eat to live and never live to eat and you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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