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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

I heard an interview with Farrakhan last Sunday on the Cliff Kelly show (WVAZ - V103) about how black ministers from the black mega churches were called to the White House and given a mandate to distance themselves from Farrakhan and the Million More Movement. I guess when you are taking money from the Christian Right, being controlled by them is expected of you. Interestingly, these same ministers were also given a mandate to concentrate their efforts on spreading Christianity to their African brothers and sisters on the continent to prevent 1) the spread of Islam and 2) to stop the Al-Qaeda movement. I guess one can conclude that Africans are going to be the next victims in this fictitious fight against terrorism and the spread of democracy.

At this time, I should mention that the Cliff Kelly show was cancelled on V103 after interviewing Farrakhan just like the Arsenio Hall show was cancelled after Arsenio had Farrakhan as a guest on his show. Do you think powerful people are against little ol' Farrakhan?

The biggest surprise is this - the Catholic Church finally admits what many of us knew - that everything in the bible is not the absolute truth of God. It's interesting to note that although the Catholic Church can no longer swear that the bible holds the "absolute truth" on all issues especially that creation story, which proponents of ID are trying to teach as an absolute truth in schools, the President of this good ol' US of A wants this type of nonsense to be used as a tool to subdue Africans. I can only guess that this whole religious thing is about control, on the one hand, you have the Arabs' dogma in the form of Islam, on the other hand, you have the Europeans' dogma in the form of Christianity vying for control of the African psyche. Either way, we as African people should be ashamed to be controlled by other people's stories/fables, especially in light of everything that has been done to us in the names of those religions. No wonder we are out of our friggin African minds!!!

All in all, I guess the leaders of the Catholic Church deserves a hat tip on this one. I wonder if the leaders of the Islamic faith will ever have the decency to face up to the lies in the Qur'an. Lies, lies, and more lies have always been told and will continue to be told to control unsuspecting victims.

The moral of this story is - if some of the stories in the bible are untrue, then one has to suspect everything else contained within its pages.

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